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Lawn Mowing
What is the proper height at which to mow?
You should mow as often as you can during the growing season or when you are watering properly. If the lawn has gone dormant because of heat and drought you should refrain from mowing. Mowing when the grass is already feeling stress will only weaken the plant more inviting disease.
What is a good time of day for mowing?
Mornings are the best time to mow after the dew has evaporated. By mowing early the lawn has enough time to adjust to the trauma before the heat of day arrives. Also mowing early allows you to also enjoy the milder temperature before the sun heats up.
How does mowing help your lawn?
Regular lawn mowing and trimming is one of the best ways to keep your lawn healthy and protect your property value. Grass develops new growth at the crown, so a proper lawn mowing actually encourages the plant, stimulating it to become a dense and healthy rich turf. Another benefit is to us in that our lawn looks manicured and we get some much needed exercise.
Does the mower pick up new seed?
Mowing over a newly seeded lawn can be problematic. If a bagger is used to remove the clippings some seed maybe picked up. However if the new seed has been properly watered in and it has been a few days from seeding then the mower will not be able to lift the heavy water soaked seed. And seed that has been properly watered will germinate quickly attaching itself to the soil and hold on tight.
When is leaving grass clippings from mowing bad?
Lawn clippings from mowing regularly with a mulching mower will not hurt your lawn - In fact this can be very beneficial. But leaving lawn clippings that are long and wet that clump up and smother the lawn will kill it in weeks. If the clippings are also so numerous that they block out water and air from penetrating the soil the plant will develop a layer of thatch as it grows more surface roots.
Will mowing keep out snakes?
Yes. Snakes hate mowers. They slither away from them as fast as they can. Keeping your grass mowed leaves them little to hide in. Mowing keeps out their prey: rodents, bugs, and rabbits.
How often should you mow?
Mow every chance you get when the grass is growing. That way you can recycle the clippings into the lawn. By cutting frequently your lawn will always look manicured and you will get plenty of exercise.